About Us

About A R Designs and Technology

A R Design and Technology is an ambitious project to bring cutting edge software technology to businesses and enterprises. It's goal is to create beautifully designed products with modern aesthetics and code that puts the needs of the service before the technology.

Our goal is to provide simple, cost effective but robust solutions. In this day and age, not investing in IT may cost a business heavily. We make sure to design solutions for all facets of your IT so that you can focus on what matters to you your business.

Our Vision

Our mission is to be a trusted partner so that organizations can turn to us for reliable IT solutions.

We envision a future where our clients can focus on their business and truly leverage technology to drive their business.

What we do for our Customers

We design special projects for our Customers. From IT systems setup for businesses, to Process improvement for existing systems to Migration from Old systems to new systems. Check out our solutions portfolio for more details.

What Customers can expect from us

We start with an initial consultation to understand your needs and understanding. Based on that, we draft what services would benefit your business. We build a plan with your IT team to implement these services. We set up training programs to ensure that your team would benefit from all the services. At the end, we handover the project to your IT team.

Initial Consultation

Schedule a meeting to understand your business needs and requirements.

Discuss your current IT infrastructure and identify areas of improvement.

Understand your business goals and how IT services can support these goals.

Drafting Services

Analyze the information gathered during the consultation.

Identify which IT services would benefit your business.

Draft a proposal outlining these services and how they can improve your business operations.

Building the Implementation Plan

Collaborate with your IT team to develop a detailed implementation plan.

The plan should include timelines, responsibilities, and necessary resources.

Ensure the plan aligns with your business goals and IT strategy.

Training Programs

Develop training programs tailored to your team’s needs.

These programs should ensure your team can effectively use and benefit from the new IT services.

Schedule regular training sessions and provide supporting documentation.

Project Handover

Upon successful implementation and training, handover the project to your IT team.

Provide comprehensive documentation about the implemented services.

Schedule a follow-up meeting to address any questions or concerns.

Remember, communication is key throughout this process. Regular updates and feedback sessions can ensure the project aligns with your business needs and expectations.